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breathes heavily on u„„ i know you like ng e lov e me

Anonymous: Your giveaway says 777 but you hit 888 followers, right? :o

The give away is for the 777 that have been following me.

I started that a month ago almost. I JUST hit 888 and told myself when I did for the next numbers that bare importance to my story that I’d celebrate by showing things related to said characters. It’s just a little thing I do~ 777 was planned from the get go to be an actual giveaway while the rest are just new reveals to rev interest in the web comic and somewhat motivate me~

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Anonymous: Is there a special spot that turns your legs to jelly?

                               “Fuck off…” No one said she’d answer these questions, no but you sick fucks have the access to her inner thoughts so why even bother saying it when you can read it all right here?

                                As much as the brunette hates to admit it, there are a number if places that get her weak in the knees. The most notable being her neck.If anyone ever gets close enough to her to engage in the more physical gestures of affection then surely they must learn to take advantage of such a weakness.

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In honor of Sexual Sunday, ask my muse sex based questions.

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// tbh I feel the same way about certain people and I just ?? blacklisting is absolutely fucking useless like I don’t wanna see ur abusive emotionally manipulative ass on my dash fuck urself in the butt

uGH thank YOU!

And it’s like…you want SO badly…just SO BADLY to warn others and tell them “hey I’ve had this bad experience with this person. I just don’t want you to go through the same” but it’s like, if you do that, you’re automatically an ass hole.

If I could just have them blocked for good and NEVER have to see them again it would make things SO much easier. I don’t understand why tumblr doesn’t do that????

Sweetie, I’ve honestly gone out of my way to warn people and it works. there’s one extremely toxic person I see from time to time and because of the drama and anxiety I put up with I TELL them in private right away.

The worst a person can do is ignore it but nine out of ten times they’ll either listen, take heed of your warning and be more cautious and look for the signs you tell them or outright take your side and understand. Don’t be scared to speak up ;; <3

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muses-of-alcedea: "Can I kiss you?" (from either Ran or Neave, your choice if you choose either ^^;)

”..Neave.. Yer starting to sound like D. Stop hanging around him.” Her face went red on the spot of course, before sighing with a shake of her head. Turning away, she silently nodded, still too bashful to come to terms with anything.

"Yeah yeah, fine..C-Cheek only.I’m still gettin’ used t’ this."

Send “Can I kiss you?” to see how my muse responds.



This is certainly an interesting turn of events, he didn’t expect the young woman to grow so flustered.

"The fuck is your problem?!"

What the hell WAS with everything tonight First she was lost and now here she is in some space colony with a suit clad man laughing at her? The hell, was it that funny to hear her say she had no idea where the fuck she was? 

void-earth: Terra taking Milt to Disney Town in BBS and her just being lost as hell trying to figure out why everything looked like a children's book.
fortesinfide: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Gaignun making Jr. give Milt a tour as revenge for how much shit he messes up, and by that he means his car that he trashed on Second Miltia.

fortesinfide: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Gaignun buying Milt an A.M.W.S. unit that she can personally customize for her birthday.