.La_Foy. {Hiatus}
"Who the hell are you?My name?It's Milt. What, you were expecting a guy?Sorry to disappoint then,dumb ass...speaking of which if I catch you staring,I'll fucking kill you."

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small update

 It’as nothing against you guys really but I;m gonna start keeping a limit on threads so expect quite a few to be dropped because I simply don’t have the muse for it.

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small update, I am alive just not feeling the muse right now

Sorry for the continued absence. I promise I’ll be back soon, maybe a week or two. I’ve been getting really motivated and have been working on No Title like no tomorrow. Some will ask HOW, I’ve been playing Xenosaga with a word document open to take notes of what I like, what inspires me and motivates me. The scenery, the politics, the cast, etc etc.

Art’s been taking a break too. It’s my fault mostly though. I didn’t realize my sensitivity was turned to really really light by the cat hitting a key while I was fiddling with the settings. So, I’ve been applying too too much pressure to my wrist and now it’s slightly sprained. Hopefully one more day or two will be enough time to get it back to speed.

The rest is under read more only for length, nothing bad I promise.

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      at first I wanted 

 you to fuck [ m e ]

       but then I got greedy and wanted

you to l͔͎̦̳͕͍͑ o̼̘̭ͩ͂ v̎̍ͥ͋ e͈̠̼̩ me

Send Me A ‘ß’ If you Think My Muse Has the Booty

OOC; Let’s try this again.


No, not roleplaying. I’m just going to repost the list of questions I raised in my quitting post, because I really want to see answers to it. Consider this my last hurrah, I guess. And perhaps an attempt to make my fellow roleplayers think.

  • What is roleplaying to you?
  • What keeps you in the roleplaying community?
  • What motivates you guys to keep up with RP responses that have little to no reward? And…
  • How long do you see yourself doing this activity?

For me personally, these are my answers under the cut.

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I have LOVED you since the ĐΑΥ that we first MET

EVEN if I didn’t Ꮶɴοѡ it уеτ

“The more I fall for you, the more I am scared of losing you.” — (via milkyweii)



                ❝ A foul mouth’s part of the charm, y’know.~ ❞



"When the hell did I ask for your opinion on the matter? Go be useful and buy me some hair gel. I’ll pay you back when I get the money."

"Jesus fucking Christ, I was just givin’ a compliment! And you know I can’t do that, I got no money myself you dimwhit."

Anonymous: Tell us more about your No Title OTP 

☄ - AHH ANON WHY. Oh god, there’s like three though fuck which one…OH Okay.

So these two cuties above are Sol and Luna. They’re re-animates, partners and soul mates. I love them a lot. They’re not THE otp; I don’t want to spoil everything you know?

Sol appears to look like a seventeen year old girl while Luna appears to be nineteen. They’re super cute. I just really don’t want to spoil too much more ; - ; I’ll gush more in detail later when words actually wanna work with me..God I’m in such a rut with writers block right now.



"—Who the fu—.. Oh, it’s just you. Well, this is why I like havin’ my hair gel around. Now I gotta buy another."

"—Huh. Honestly why, it looks pretty good like that." She blinked, curious to know why the dumb ass wanted to slick his hair back so much.


// part of me is yelling at me to stop accepting new threads because my drafts are kind of constantly near 20 (even though like 6 of those are drabbleish things)

but then i’m like


I’m sorry but I need to reblog this because this speaks to me on a spiritual level.



"—Shit! Outta hair gel again.."

H-Holy shit! I didn’t recognize you there for a second,Fuck Face.”